The I Love You Shop was created to provide couples with a great place to find gifts for each other. We struggled to find a place to go for thoughtful gifts to say 'I Love You ' and so our shop was born. We source things that we would love to receive and are constantly adding to our collection. Contact us with your ideas, we would love to hear from you.

about usThe I Love You Shop has been set up to be a unique experience.  It is not just a place for people to celebrate their love for each other by buying something to give or share - we hoped it would become a one stop forum for shopping, sharing stories and ideas about upbeat romantic things to do.  We want to promote spontaneous acts of thoughtfulness for the one you love.  Together we have personally chosen content to reflect romance and thoughtfulness and some of our thoughts about the products here are reflected in their descriptions.  Because everyone has their own particular take on romantic gestures we welcome contributions from members of the I Love You Shop community through our social media links and Contact page so that we can continue to widen our range.   

The I Love You Shop also uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote spontaneity, allowing visitors and customers the opportunity to keep up to date with romantic things to do.  We hope you will share your own stories of love and romance with like-minded people.  Our site is aimed at those who are looking to express their romantic, gentle and kind hearted side, The I Love You Shop and its social media links are not intended to be places to share inappropriate images or language, such content will be disallowed and reported.  Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content posted to the hash-tags we share and we would ask that any infringements of the Community Standards of social media service providers are reported as inappropriate content using the individual providers' links.

The I Love You Shop and it's community is intended to be a feel good place to go when you are thinking about the connection you have with your partner and you want to celebrate the feeling.  We welcome all couples, whatever stage you are at in your relationship, and encourage you to celebrate your feelings for your 'someone-special'.

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