The story behind The I Love You Shop®

Every now and again it seems to happen – great ideas come out of conversations down the pub. The I Love You Shop® grew out of such a conversation whilst sat at the bar of The Royal Oak back in November 2015. The pub is known locally as “The Splash” It’s a cosy traditional pub in the picturesque village of Little Cawthorpe, where it sits next to a shallow ford. It’s also the birth place of what we think is a unique idea, born out of the realisation that through our own experiences of finding ways to celebrating our own relationship there was nothing like it already out there.

We set up The I Love You Shop® to be a unique buyer's experience for individuals looking to find something specifically for their partner. The idea was not just to provide gifts and tokens of affection but to create a community where couples could celebrate romance, joy and love.

We thought it would be inspirational to share snapshots of simple every day romance, spontaneous acts of appreciation and the more significant planned celebrations of love with others who already do the same kind of things. If people are prepared to share their experiences and ideas perhaps they will be an inspiration to others in our community and to new comers who are just realising how lucky they are to be in this beautiful band of 'forever' couples.

That’s why the I Love You Shop® includes a newsletter, blog and dedicated social media channels. We also post regularly to the hash tags #romantics #celebratethefeeling #theiloveyoushop

We really hope you find what you are looking for amongst the whole package here. Real joy seems to be sought by so many of us and it is sometimes hard to find so it seems worth celebrating when it happens. Perhaps you’ll find something to give as a token of your love here, and your romantic views, suggestions and postings may contribute to the number of ways others can celebrate the feeling of being in love together.

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