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Holding hands

I can’t say I’ve spent too much time thinking about this before, but for me holding hands with my husband is one of life’s pleasures. It’s just something that we do and have always done. An important part of our weekend stroll into town, trips to the pub, shopping together- we pretty much hold hands all the time. It turns these pretty mundane things into special time together.

Just like kissing , holding hands has been shown to increase oxytocin, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘love hormone’. It’s been shown that cortisol levels, released in times of stress, can be lowered through this simple gesture.

When you think about it there are many different ways to hold a hand, interlocked fingers can be quite an intense and passionate display of affection compared to an everyday comfortable grasp! My husband’s ability to juggle the shopping into one hand whenever he can to leave one free to take my hand is something maybe I take for granted too often. I don’t think this will ever stop and it’s still a pleasure to see my parents (at nearly 80) after over 50 years of marriage do the same. Happy hand holding!

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