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My 3 favourite romantic paintings were all painted within 10 years of each other. They can be a wonderful gift of love.

1) Chagall- The Birthday (1915)

This for me has always been the most romantic painting . I remember seeing it for the first time in school and the the way that Chagall represents his love for his future wife Bella is incredible. Love lifts them so their feet don't touch the ground and nothing else matters. We have this in pride of place on our bedroom wall.

 2) Gustav Klimt- The Kiss (1907)

Sorry- pretty obvious but I had this on my wall for many years as a teenager. When you really look at the image and how the two images combine it's hard not to be struck by it's beauty. The intimacy of the male figure cradling the face of the female and the intensity of embellishment on their clothing makes it a winner for me.

Klimt The Kiss

3) Egon Schiele- The Embrace (1917)

 Just like the Klimt, the proximity of the faces and intensity of the touch conveys a feeling of love. There is raw quality and a realness- another one we have in our home.


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