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If you and your partner are lovers of wine (particularly red!) then a great present can be a nice bottle with a label that means something to you both. We recognise that alcohol isn’t a positive element in some people’s relationships, with others choosing not to drink, but for those who enjoy sharing a ‘favourite beverage’ it can be a great gift. To take it one step further a 2016 piece of research led by Kira Birditt PhD, at the University of Michigan’s institute for social research, went as far as to say that married couples get on with each other better and for longer when both partners enjoy a drink.

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Kira told Reuters that the team wasn’t sure why alcohol had an effect, but it might feed into the theory that couples who do more together tend to be happier (no matter what the drink). That is certainly our experience. In our lives we are lucky that we want to do stuff together. That’s just how it is.

I put together a basket of little pressies recently for Valentines. Without doubt the the star of the show was a wine from Waitrose called Celeste. It reminded me of one of the songs we chose for our wedding ceremony by Coldplay ‘A sky full of stars’. We happily shared this for a couple of evenings.

On Saturday I found a second one which represented our first dance ‘Mirrorball’ by Elbow. The song is so special to us. The song became ours within a week of us meeting and we have the words on our bedroom wall. It represented everything about our first evening together, so finding that bottle was special to us both. Whatever it is, whether it’s a song, an object, a label or a photo, something that connects you both is great to look out for. Spoil each other and let the other person know you care and #celebratethefeeling together.

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