Ladies lapis-lazuli and silver polo shaped cufflinks with 9 carat gold studs

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£ 55.00
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Usually within a week.

This lapis-lazuli cuff-links are polo mint shape, 9mm across and the beads are 5mm 9ct gold. They are mounted on chains that run through the hole in the polo and are finished with a feature hallmark back bar.

For an extra £15 these are available with polos at both ends rather than the hallmarked back bar.

There is a guide time of delivery within a week but this may need to be revised in cases where materials need to be ordered in for your piece, this usually affects things by only a few extra days. Please bear this in mind and if there is a particular deadline you need to make please get in touch about delivery times before you order and we will let you know if it is possible.

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