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Free UK Postage - get it within 4 days

Free UK Postage - get it within 4 days

We are really pleased with these stationery sets! They have been put together by us specifically for writing love letters and special notes - we have sourced some really unusual paper which uses recycled materials to create the slightly textured, off-white paper and envelopes. The options are shown in the photos- envelope colours are listed below. The options are as follows:

  • 10 Sheets of writing paper made with recycled Banknote pieces - these have 5 plain white envelopes.
  • or 10 Sheets of writing paper made with recycled Confetti pieces - these have 5 lavender pieces envelopes.
  • or 10 Sheets of writing paper made with Gold and Silver pieces - these have 5 plain white envelopes.

The "Love Inc." has been specially commissioned by us for The I Love You Shop - it is a beautiful deep purple colour. the colour purple has a long and interesting history - legend has it that it was discovered by Hercules when his dog picked up a sea shell and the dog's drool turned purple! The ancients used these snails in their thousands to produce purple dye which was so expensive that only emperors wore it. For hundreds of years it was a mark of wealth and status. Not until 1856 was a synthetic version made which spared the sea snails but the associations of desirability and style continue to be linked with the colour. It seems well suited to the complexities of passion, desire and love - it still carries the sophistication of it's complex history. Worn and used by men and women over thousands of years as a mark of status we think it's perfect for conveying the most heart felt and precious of words.

The art of writing seems to be fading as the digital world swamps our communications. If you have never used a fountain pen then this is a great chance to discover the real joy of writing - no matter how unusual your script it often takes on a new sophistication when written in real fountain pen ink. These pens are free flowing, solid and comfortable to hold and write beautifully with our Love Inc. Discover what it feels like to give somebody a hand written letter, sent through the post to their home address or even to them at work!

These pens are available in three variations

  • Classic matt black
  • Ivory wave
  • Deep red marble
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