Two romantic sentiment love magnets to remind couples to celebrate the feeling

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Two simple little magnets with all sorts of possibilities!

Perhaps just a little everyday reminder to be mindful of the amazing connection you share with your special someone.

Or - what's the most romantic place to leave a small magnet advocating the message 'celebrate the feeling' to all those who go there to share the experience with somebody special, sharing romance, joy or just love? As long as it's legal and inoffensive, as long as it won't conflict with the rules of the location, where would you photograph yours? These magnets are from The I Love You Shop and carry the message 'celebrate the feeling'. They are about the size of £1 coins.

It would be great to see your photos among the growing group of couples who just know how great it feels to be with 'the one' and want to celebrate the feeling. Real joy seems to be sought by so many of us and is often hard to find. So, it seems worth celebrating when it happens and your romantic views, suggestions and postings may create a following to see if your little message is still there! Please, everyone - if you visit one of these places add your own, or even replace the original if it's been pinched.

Romance, joy and love shared between partners, husbands, wives and soul mates - lets share the places that fuel the connection and celebrate the feeling together! Let's share our magnet plants and our ordinary photos of real people sharing every day, joyful, romantic times. Post the simple times, spontaneous times and planned celebrations of connection and love at #romantics #celebratethefeeling #theiloveyoushop. Perhaps it'll create some new options for those of us who already do the same kind of things or be an inspiration to those who are just realising how lucky they are to be in this beautiful band of 'forever' couples.

Sent without the need for a signature these will arrive in packaging with the company logo big and bold on the front so the message is clear when they drop through the letter box.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy these as an introduction to The I Love You Shop community.

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